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Our pet grooming services are conducted by experts who are gentle with your pet. At our pet grooming salon, you only get the best. We are thorough professionals.

Madeline’s Pet Care has been around since 1962. Madeline Bright Ogle was the original owner until she sold the business to Michelle Higbee Harold. Michelle expanded the business to become one of the top dog grooming schools in Northern California. Back before Michelle bought the business,Terri Mahoney, worked side by side with Michelle. Terri Mahoney has taken over Madeline’s Pet Care. Her connection with the business is as strong now as it was back in 1980. Although the school is no longer in operation the same quality grooming is what you can expect from Madelines Pet Care.


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Madeline’s Pet Care stands out as the go-to destination for those who seek exceptional care for their beloved companions. Choose us to witness the transformation of tails wagging and whiskers twitching with joy – because at Madeline’s, we groom with love and expertise.

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